Activities where Fathers are the best

Parents includes both, fathers and mothers but we actually give all the credits to mothers (which they truly

Parents includes both, fathers and mothers but we actually give all the credits to mothers (which they truly justify), but even fathers deserve the best. And so, on this Father’s Day I would like to talk about father, “a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love”.

While mothers try to make their kids best, fathers accept them the way they are; while mothers try to make their kids emotionally strong, fathers make them physically strong; while mothers try to teach kids to avoid all the troubles, fathers teach kids to overcome their fears and face the troubles; While mothers worry about kids, fathers help their kids to be happy in each and every situation. Life isn’t fair every time and so fathers prepare their kids for the real challenges.

Ways are different but truth is both fathers and mothers are important part of one’s life. And so, on this special occasion I would like to give tribute to all the fathers by talking about the activities where fathers are the best.

  1. Sports: You can’t imagine even a single father without sportsman in him! Every father is big fan of one or another sport and that’s why he always tries to pass on this physical strength with extra mental control to his child. Sometimes they get success to pass on these positive vibes and sometimes not but they surely enjoy playing sports with their kids.
  2. Crafting: Every daughter’s desire is to have her own doll house with her own different ideas and every boy wish to own a tree house. Undoubtedly, fathers are available and capable of fulfil these requirements with other small crafting ideas like making spying tools or jewellery box and fixing bicycles or paintings walls. Every thing which is not available in shops can be yours if you ask to your father!
  3. Creative cooking: We all love mummy’s yummy food but do you know when it comes to experiments and creativity, fathers overrules mummies. Mothers cook delicious authentic food but fathers can turn even broccoli into yummy flower cap to eat! Fathers are full of ideas to make food more interesting for his kids.
  4. Maths and General Knowledge: Do you have any unsolved maths problem? Just ask your father and its done! Fathers have all the answers of all the planets, all the solutions of your science projects and all the information about insects and animals. You just need to ask.
  5. Pampering: Do you want to get rescued from your mothers’ scolding? Whether It is about mess that you made as a kid, new video game as a teen or late-night party as a youngster, fathers are always there to rescue and support you from every odds and ifs.


Though fathers don’t expect much (or better to say nothing) because men and occasions just don’t go with each other, small affectionate gestures are always welcomed.

If you are a kid, enjoy these activities with your father and if you are an adult recall your memories by presenting collage of the same and see how thrilled he is with you!

Happy Fathers’ day to all our real Heroes

Megha Patel

Parenting Expert Writer / Blogger
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