Happy Mother’s Day

Today is a special day because it’s Mother’s day. During group discussion someone asked “why is Mother’s day

Today is a special day because it’s Mother’s day. During group discussion someone asked “why is Mother’s day so special?” It is just a day like Daughter’s day or Children’s day or Valentine’s Day. Well actually it is not at all like any day.

Mother’s day is dedicated to mothers and that makes it more special. There is a phrase “God cannot be everywhere and that’s why he created mothers” and we, mothers proved it right.

Mothers are one of the members of family; just like any other but without her not a single house can turn into a home. It’s not just her work that makes her special but it’s her willingness to leave everything for others, her wish to grant others wishes first and her sense of knowing everyone’s need before they ask.

I am not saying mothers are incredible just because I am a mother but I am saying this because now I can accept and understand many things which I could not understood earlier as a wife or as a daughter. I have still a long way to go and I already started finding my happiness in my kids’ lives instead of mine. Yes, sounds silly! How can we leave our happiness in someone’s hand but we mothers don’t regret it. 

Our cooking menu contains our little ones’ favorites, our time schedule is based on our children’s school schedule, our shopping bag is full of kids’ products, our CDs collection is full of cartoon series and even our song selection is based on our young ones’ choice. And we don’t do this because we have to, we do these because we like to. We like to see smile on our kids’ face when we take turn towards toys shop instead of our clothes shop, we like to see our little ones’ taking big bites with pleasure rather to enjoy our own favorite dishes, we like to see our children dancing on the songs instead of listening our own playlist and we like to give up our things to see small dimples on their cheeks. We don’t have any limitations or restrictions, but we do things just because we are Mothers. Yes our kids would be happy even if we don’t do all these things but we do it to make ourselves happier.

Things are small, but we all do with all our hearts. Being a working woman is a pride for every woman until she becomes a mother, Later what matters most is being a mother. We mothers leaves our shape, our favorites, our life styles, our dreams and sometimes our carrier too not because we have to or we are forced to but to satisfy ourselves as a mother. Word mother is more about finding happiness by making our kids happy, helping our little ones even if we are running out of time, playing with our children even after long tiresome days and putting our kids first instead of our own selves.  And that’s why Mothers and Mother’s day are special.

We don’t want anyone to do or say something on this special day; we just want people to understand that how hard it is to become a mother and how valuable it is to be a mother. We are proud to be unique and we are proud to be super moms.

Happy Mother’s day to all the incredible Mothers

Megha Patel

Parenting Expert Writer / Blogger
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