Lata Mangeshkar is way better than Tendulkar

I am sure most of you think the caption is absurd and nothing less than insane. And I

I am sure most of you think the caption is absurd and nothing less than insane. And I only agree. But we need to dig it a little more than just call it silly and move on.

I was going through a very disturbing article recently. It stated that one student every hour commits suicide in India. One of the very distressing story is that of a girl named Kriti Tripathi, aged 17, who committed suicide in Kota in May 2016. In a 5 page note she wrote that it was not because of marks that she was taking this step. She had achieved 144 against a cutoff of 100 that year. She was instead taking this step to send a strong message to her mother that she shouldn’t force her younger sister to take up engineering as she did to her.

So the question is, at such a prime age, when the child must be full of enthusiasm about life, he or she ends up committing such dreadful act. Aren’t we doing something fundamentally wrong with our children. We need to think about this and act now.

During my seminars, some parents site competition as the prime reason for them being so pushy. But in the name of competition we are actually creating “Unfair Competition”. We are judging an elephant, a fish, an alligator and a monkey, all by their ability to climb up the same tree. The monkey is definitely going to win and the fish will keep thinking of itself as a fool for entire life.  Isn’t it unfair?

For all that we need to do in this physical world, we  have been endowed with different capacities, different abilities. Just imagine if Tendulkar’s mother had pushed him to become an engineer and Lata Mangeshkar to be a tennis player. Or for that matter, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to be a businessman?

Does that make Lataji any less than Tendulkar?? Or Virat Kohli any better than Dr. Manmohan Singh? A maruti 800 has its own purpose of being a very cost efficient car and Ferrari has its speed. God has created so many different types of work to be done in this world. And to accomplish those, he must definitely have considered giving different capabilities to individuals.

But then the question is how do we really identify that inborn Talent? Traditionally the answer has been to expose the children to as many careers, as many dimensions as possible and let them identify for themselves ( with some help from peers, teachers and parents).  There is nothing much wrong with this approach, but only that it is a little too costly in terms of time, energy and money.  Especially time. Ask this question to yourself, at your age which is close to half your lifetime, have you been really able to identify your real strength? There are very few like the ones I named earlier who can pick their strength early in their lives and keep taking it to expert levels throughout the rest of their time. But for most of us, it remains an unanswered quandary. And we end up being mediocre performers working under great stress while our inborn talent lies dormant…. Wasted.

Thankfully, researchers in Vietnam and many others across the world have decoded one of the ways to read the user manual of our brains. “Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test or DMIT” is a groundbreaking technology that has a proven, well-researched, thoroughly documented base. One of the most credible report of DMIT is being done under the brand name of BRAIN-KEY by MIL groupe. They claim to have done more than 2.5 Lakhs reports internationally.

This report helps to understand the infrastructure of the brain. What part of the brain is more active by birth than the other. Whether, it responds to sounds more or the visuals? What is the learning style of the child, is it visual, kinesthetic or Aural? What is the dominant personality type of the child? What is the balance of IQ, EQ, AQ and CQ? Which is the dominant intelligence of the child? And a culmination of all this, what is the most suited career for your child. Which type of work your child be able to excel at and that too while remaining “Happy”.

I am yet to find parents who do not wish well for their children. And I am sure I am not going to find one either. But in this age of “unfair competition” overzealous parents tend to “unwittingly” create “undue stress” for their children. This UNFAIR, UNWITTING and UNDUE trauma takes a toll on students in the form of physical and psychological ailments some of who even commit the unthinkable. The time to Act is now or we might end up in a state of complete sorry with only ourselves to blame.

Sharanpal Singh Ahuja

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