• Chief Marketing Officer
    Mr. Shyam Sekar

    Mr. Shyam Sekar Chief Marketing Officer

  • Business Unit Head, IT
    Mr. Hiren Chhatrala

    Mr. Hiren Chhatrala Business Unit Head, IT

    He is results-driven professional offering a progressive, ten-year career in information technology. He repeated success directing IT projects from inception to execution, strategically allocating resources and delegating tasks to achieve on-time, on-budget delivery.

    Hiren expertly manage technical support operations, diligently troubleshooting issues to identify root causes and prevent recurrence.

    He is process improvement champion with a history of implementing new procedures and technologies to strengthen security posture, enhance operational efficiency, and control costs.

  • Business Unit Head, Marketing
    Mr. Pakshal Bhandari

    Mr. Pakshal Bhandari Business Unit Head, Marketing

    “A man with ideas is the man with vision” This statement clearly depicts Mr.Pakshal Bhandari’s personality. People call him the “Idea Factory”. His business ideas and strategies have helped the MIL Group in terms of branding.

    He is one of the pillars which made the MIL Group strong even in challenging times.

    Pakshal is the multi-talented young man. He is a researcher, manager, analyst and strategist. As a result, he has unique ability to mutli-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges. He is responsible for the back-end operations of MIL Group. 

    He is good with research and development which helped the company to transform its position from mediocre to corporate company. His business strategies and situational assessment helped the company to increase its global presence.

  • Parenting Expert Writer / Blogger
    Mrs. Megha Patel

    Mrs. Megha Patel Parenting Expert Writer / Blogger