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There was a time when you couldn’t imagine kids without a toy and now it’s time when you

There was a time when you couldn’t imagine kids without a toy and now it’s time when you won’t see even a single kid without gadgets! Gadgets like mobile phones, tablet, play station, laptop and television are taking place in kids’ life like it is necessity but the truth is it is just a facility. Once in a while watching something on TV or playing video games is change for both parents and kids but every day is just a bad habit. If you are one of those parents who think gadgets are helpful in many ways then I would like to show you where exactly parents prefer to offer gadgets to their kids and how can it not be necessity.

Here are the reasons when/where parents prefer to offer gadgets to their kids:

  1. While eating: As a parent we want our kids to eat healthy and little more. Well there is no definition of little more but yes we all try to feed little extra to our kids and for that we offer anything and everything. But do you know compare to gadgets, table games are more successful tool to feed the kids with entertainment? Gadgets just distract kids from their food so we can feed them whatever we want but table games actually offer interest in food so they can enjoy the meal too.
  2. When kids are cranky: We just need to give little time to teach our kids right soothing ways at right age and we are done. You may use soft toys, blankets or some books to soothe them and truly speaking the effect of those last longer than watching television or playing video games.
  3. When we do not want disturbance: When we are over occupied or on phone call we feel gadgets are the quick solution to our problem but the truth is it is just an option among many other solutions which we don’t see. Look around and you will surely find the perfect way to relax.
  4. To teach something: To teach manners or to extend your kids’ knowledge there are books, there are magazines and there are educational toys. You don’t need videos for that. I agree videos are interesting and take less effort (from both parents and kids) but out of 50 videos only 1 video fulfill your requirement. Rests are just time pass. And most important thing is you can never be sure what exactly your kid will learn from those videos.
  5. While travelling : Yeah this one is sure tricky because getting kids’ interest in something like travelling, nature or long drive is a lot more effort but you can always divert them with travel toys, travel games and books. Slowly they will get interest in nature as well.
  6. Time pass: Well first kids don’t need time pass. They have whole time to play and enjoy so if you think it is a long day and your kids are bored (which they are not) let me remind you of the toys you bought for them. Toys are their time pass not video games.


Well if you are a parent who permits gadgets for above reasons then it’s time for you to rethink on that. If you are a parent who too thinks gadgets are not good for kids and want to wean it, here is the solution which can help you with that.

  1. Change yourself: Actually it’s not kids who crave for gadgets it’s us who think gadgets can do magic. We say we are running out of time but if we look into our screen time (including mobile calls and social sites) we waste more than our 40% of a day in doing nothing!!! Sad but true. So now not for yourself then for your kids get the change in your life. Kids are cute copy cats; their base of interest is mostly your interest so if you stop using gadgets they will automatically follow you. Start working on your habit and it will automatically reflect on your kids’ habit. Trust me it’s not tough, I have stopped using gadgets in front of my daughter since last 5 years and it is working really smooth.
  2. Add outdoor games: Fresh air, free space and good partner in sports that’s all kids need. Take them out, play with them, walk in trail, run to race and introduce real sports or games which you used to play as a kid. You never know you might need this more than your kids.
  3. Divert with encouragement: If you went too long with gadgets then your kids may ask for it in initial days. Don’t be disappointed. It’s perfectly normal. They are expecting the thing which you once set into their routine. What they need is just a company and that can be you. Try some indoor games to divert, sing songs, read books, bring out artist in you or tell them stories. (If nothing works TRY WATER or SAND toys. That never fails.) There are so much fun activities to do and so choose whatever is suitable for you.
  4. Don’t say No: No one likes to listen NO. It is a small word but the impact is huge. I am not saying never use NO but just be cautious. I have seen many parents who say no for everything and give half of those things. This way they lose control over NO and their kids both. When you say No for everything, kids get confuse and upset but if you say No for certain things then your kids will surely give it a thought. So if you want your kids to listen to your No for gadgets, say NO for the right things only. Be wise with your words, be patient, trust your decision and have faith in your kids. Nothing is impossible.

Megha Patel

Parenting Expert Writer / Blogger
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