Why shall we read Mythological stories to our Kids?

August and September months have always been my favourite months because of lots of food, fun and cultural

August and September months have always been my favourite months because of lots of food, fun and cultural programmes. These are the months of rain, worship, blessings and festivals. Every festival has its own story and so I can say these are the months of stories- Mythological stories.

“We read to know that we are not alone” and these stories serves exact same purpose. These are the stories about people and God who made mistakes and learned from it, who suffered but survived, who were courageous but disciplined and free but bound to values too.

Mythology is a Rich collection of traditional tales from all over the world. Mythology represents myths, these stories can be true or just myth, its all up to your beliefs. Mythology tells us about our traditional ritual and values, states morals and disciplines, gives idea about mother nature and can questions you as well as gives answers in its own way.

Here I am showing you why shall we read mythological stories to our kids:

  1. Imagination: Who isn’t fan of super heroes? Though those are not mythological stories, they do demonstrate it at certain levels. Mythological stories take you to the totally different world, different culture and different living style and thus it expands your imagination beyond the limit.
  2. Pass on rituals: Mythological stories tell you about your culture, your festivals, your living style, your beliefs and value of mother nature. In these busy lives, we do believe in God but somewhere we forget to follow these rituals and so our kids can’t see it and as a result they can’t learn it. Of course, following rituals is up to individual’s choice and so we must offer this choice to our kids instead of being decision maker here. It is perfectly fine if you don’t have time to follow these rituals or personally don’t believe in these but you must pass on these rituals via these stories to your kids. Don’t forget that this is our culture, our treasure which we derived from our ancestors and its our duty to preserve and pass it on.
  3. Super power doesn’t let us give up: Beliefs get hope, give faith and courage. These stories remind you of God and its presence. We might believe in these things and might not but whenever we are in trouble and can’t see any hope, we find our hope from these stories and that helps us to survive. Our kids will definitely know “This too shall pass” but to pass that difficult time they will need hope, they will need someone to tell them that everything is going to be fine at the end and these stories will surely offer that help in future.
  4. Learning from someone else’s mistakes: No matter how much modern we are and how much traditional these stories are, deep down we all are same. They lived similar lives, made similar mistakes and learned utmost lessons. “It’s good to learn from our mistakes but it’s always better to learn from some else’s mistakes.” So, why not to take benefits of their stories?
  5. It makes us human: These stories demonstrate moral values and life lessons. It shows us that without disciplined life, we all are animals. These stories encourage us to follow our heart, give courage to live carefree lives, make us kind enough to help others and tender enough to forgive people. It makes us soft but strong, strict but lenient and adventurous but sensible. And that’s how human should be.

Megha Patel

Parenting Expert Writer / Blogger
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