This summer gift your kids real childhood

Summer has just began and so the vacation in schools. Childhood and vacation is like burger and cheese.

Summer has just began and so the vacation in schools. Childhood and vacation is like burger and cheese. One cannot recall the childhood without remembering the vacation time. In olden days, vacation means more friends, more fun, more play and more happiness but now when we look at our kids, we see vacation means screen time and class time.

While kids want to take a break from their study and hoping for the more screen time, parents are busy scheduling their kids’ vacation to make it more cognitive by enrolling them in extra classes.

For parents vacation means cover up time, we are super excited to teach everything during vacation, whether it is their missed school syllabus, hand writing, sports, dance, music or even arts and crafts; we just want our kids to finish everything during the vacation.

But have you ever think how our vacation used to be? We cherish our childhood memories even after 30 years because we could make it the way it should be. We proudly say that those were the best days of our lives but yet not ready to offer any of those to our kids!

Earlier vacation was all about whole day playing (outside and inside), late night stories with grandpa and making papad and pickle with grandma. We learned maths in vacation by making and selling flower necklaces, we learned languages by writing slokas and above all we explored house hold chores by becoming active member of family. Truly speaking, I never learned cooking or any house hold chores after I turned into teenager, but when it came to me I was surprised to see that I knew all those stuff because those were the things, I used to play during my vacation!

We were free to use our vacation the way we wanted and now our kids are over occupied with the classes and camps. We think we are spending really good time with our kids and teaching them many things but the fact is we are just giving them normal school life during vacation too. Freedom and boredom is compulsory for the vacation; if we remove it from our kids’ lives, there leaves only routine and routine cannot create memories.

So if you too think your childhood was awesome then let’s gift this summer our kids the real childhood by offering them following 6 things:

  1. Let’s play childhood games: Have you ever taught your kids playing with marbles? No, then try now. Names could be different but we all played with marbles, match boxes, papers and stones. Use old tricks to recall your childhood memories and show your kids real fun. You can also add jumping, skipping and cycling.
  2. Summer fun chores: Making papad, pickle, Aam ras and shrikhand with grandparents was the best time pass of our vacation. You can also make kulfi or gola with your kids. What else can be better than cooking summer special with the kids? Teach them old ways and help them to see how the things happen in and out the house.
  3. Invite in house hold works: We all send our kids to summer camp where they can learn day to day activities but we forget that those activities can be done at home as well. Invite your kids to help you with house hold chores like cleaning, dusting, making bed, laundry or dishes. My daughter’s favorite is arranging wardrobe (especially my wardrobe) so she can get a chance to try my outfits or put on my jewelries!
  4. Take them for the classes instead of sending them: It is perfectly okay to enroll your kids in one or two classes during vacation but it can be more exciting if you can take them to the classes instead of just sending them. What I mean here is go for swimming with them while they take swimming classes or take keyboard classes together. Summer is the perfect time to strengthen your bond with your kids because rest of the year, you are always running behind the clock.
  5. Experience village life: Visiting grandparents’ house in summer was the best memories I have. Typical village life with cows and buffaloes, horses and dogs, river and ponds and most amazing was farms! Go and visit farm house if you have or visit the reliable picnic spots which also offers camping, trekking and star gazing. Time spent with the nature is always incredible.
  6. Family, family and more family: Life is really busy now a days especially when both the parents are working. Plan at least one meal together to know your kids better. Talking, teasing and table games will not only help them to open up with you but also increase the understanding and cooperation. Invite or visit grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunts or cousins to show the importance of relations and relatives.

Time has changed but not the kids. Kids need same love and caring, same freedom and boredom as well as same fun and adventures. Let them learn but in a fun way, let them play but with little learning and let them use the technology but with the time constraints.

Have a happy summer


Megha Patel

Parenting Expert Writer / Blogger
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