Want to say “Hurry Up”…..please wait

You switched off the alarm and looked at the clock. Its 7:00 AM, first alarm just failed to

You switched off the alarm and looked at the clock. Its 7:00 AM, first alarm just failed to complete its work and now you are late. Your kids have to leave fo school at 7:30 and so many things to do like wake them up, give them milk and breakfast, make their lunch box, pack the school bag and the most important is make them ready with brush bath clothes and shoes. Oops lots of things to do but kids won’t understand it and will argue as usual like “I don’t want to wear this cloth” or “not this shoes” or “I want to play with water before bath” or “I want this in my breakfast” and “why this for lunchbox” and many more………….you want to cut all these so you might say "please, today no argument and just hurry up. We are late!!!"

Do you think it will help you? Well I don’t think so as kids don’t have a word “Hurry Up” in their dictionary. They might have heard of it a lot from you but can’t response accordingly and you might feel this kid can’t listen to you ever!!!! Frustrated right? But that’s neither their fault nor yours. You might say “I just want
little cooperation when I am late. Is it too much?” No, Not really but the way you prefer to get the cooperation isn’t realistic as they are kids, just kids.

Here are reasons why you should not say “Hurry UP”:

  • When you say “Hurry Up” their ears listen the word, their mind starts thinking what it is and their body starts asking what to do for hurry up? Finally a big confusion in their mind and they will be busy understanding and manipulating the word hurry up and result even slower than routine!!!
  • Kids at the age of 1-7 don’t have exact idea of time concept. They might understand 8 AM is school time and 7 AM is wake up time but don’t have idea about what goes between 7 to 8. That means they don’t really know how much time they get to get ready normally and late means how much time they will get now/today?
  • They can’t understand that if we don’t do something, we can save the time so they won’t be ready to skip any task. Why can’t they take bath today is out of their mind and when you say no bath today, their mind gets busy in finding and understanding the reason and so can’t focus on your words or follow your instructions.

More you will say “Hurry up” more it will affect negatively as their body and mind will not able to tune up due to your impatience. So what to do Leave it and be late? Of course not just follow the 5 steps:

  1. Keep calm: First thing you need to do is say yourself it’s okay to be late, relax, take a deep breath, take a min and think what are the things in priority and what are the things really necessary to do and then here you go……
  2. Speed up: You just need to speed up your task. For example, give bath in 5 mins instead of 10 mins but let them play for 5 mins as always. This way they won’t even feel that there is a change.
  3. Distract with fun: Tell them a story of two monkeys and feed them two bananas for breakfast, tell the story of ginger bread and pack their lunch box with bread, sing rhyme of 1 2 3 and make their selection of clothes on the hand on 3. What you need to do is take the decision and encourage them to follow with some fun. In simple words manipulate their thinking the way you want.
  4. My turn to help you: Kids like when you help them occasionally but if you will say “you are late, let me do this” then No, no way. For kids “let me help you” means they can’t do it properly but when you say “today is my turn to help you as yesterday you helped me a lot” changes the whole scenario. They feel proud and let you do the things you want. So make them wear shoes or comb their hair (the things which normally done by themselves) by simply saying the wise words.
  5. Include Family Members: Taking help is perfectly okay especially when it comes to family. In fact when kids watch family members working together, they too get indirect encouragement. This really helps your kids to understand the value of family.

Precaution is always better than cures:

  • Add False Time: Make the schedule that adds extra 15 mins than their required time. So if you are late then also actually it’s not too late. It’s just like you won’t get 15 mins extra.
  • Minimize Morning Chores: Minimize your morning to do list by pre- preparation. For example pack their school bag before going to bed, ask them to select clothes, what goes in lunch box and breakfast etc. before you call it a night for them.

Megha Patel

Parenting Expert Writer / Blogger
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