What does being a mother mean to me

Few days back I was asked to write an article about my experience as a mother. The thinking

Few days back I was asked to write an article about my experience as a mother. The thinking of writing the feeling about being a mother itself left me in dilemma.

It is nearly impossible to enclose all the experiences and feelings of being a mother in just one article and so I have decided to accept the challenge. “What does being a mother mean to me” has many answers and first thing comes in my mind is tough and a treat. Being a mother is like a sweet treat which you enjoy but you cannot afford to have all the times.

Being a mother is tough: There are so many things to do, there are so many things to learn and there are so many things to enjoy but all in limited time period. With kid 24hr in a day seems so less and limited to me that I always wish to have little extra. I am always behind the schedule even though I work as a busy bee. My mind is always occupied with my daughter’s whys and how and sometimes I really feel to run away from all these (of course for few days only)!!! So being a mother is tough, really tough.

At the same time being a mother is a treat: Being a mother means getting a walking talking toy with which I can laugh, I can sing, I can cry, I can play and most importantly I can live my childhood again. From the tents to tunnel, from the sand play to water toys, from the rain to puddle, from hide n seek to skipping and jumping, from the board games to real games, all together awaken the child inside me. It is fabulous feeling to live my childhood again and exploring it with my daughter. So being a mother is indeed a real treat to me. Being a mother means uncovering my dream: As an every new mother I too had two choices: 1. Resume my job to achieve my life goals or 2. Leave the job to enjoy with my kid.

In first choice, there were chances to miss my daughter’s first laughter, first kiss, first crawl, first word, first step, first sentence, first friend, first conversation and many more firsts which I could never afford to lose. And in second case there were chances to feel I am nothing and pity for myself.

So practically in both the cases I had something to lose and something to get. I always believed in “if you want something, you have to leave something” but here choice was tough. There was no chance I could refuse to embrace the small happiness approaching my life so finally I did not resume my job and made a decision to become a stay at home mother and that introduced me to the new me!!! As being a first time mother, I started reading about baby care and parenting.

I started reading story books for my little one and I don’t remember when I started making stories of my own to teach her disciplines and lessons. And by the times she turned four, I really started writing articles on parenting. It’s been 3 years now and I am happy to announce that I am a blogger and a writer which I never thought I could be! It seems like a dream! At the age of 16, I thought to become a writer and later I never gave even a single thought to that teenager dream and now I am living with it. I feel so alive and all these because of my princess.

With her every day shines up with new beginning and every night ends up with new learning. There was something I gave up for her and that sacrifice introduced me to my silent dream. Being a mother means being better: “Human nature cannot be changed!” believe people, but I can say that’s not true. Be a mother and I am sure it will change your entire vision to see the world. I have become wiser and acceptable, kind and merry, and loving and caring too. I learned to love people unconditionally and I learned to become imperfect.

After being a mother I believe I got a new shape of my life. I came to know new me as a mother, as a blogger and as a person. Being a mother is truly amazing and blissful.

Megha Patel

Parenting Expert Writer / Blogger
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